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The time has come for you to hit the open road and start a new chapter in your life. You are heading for your new home and looking forward to beginning the process of planting new roots, but first, you must get there safely. The more time you spend on the road, especially during long-distance travel, the higher your chance of getting into trouble. We will be looking at common issues that could happen while you are en route during your long-distance move and what you can do to help alleviate some of the stress that occurs when they pop up.

What to do During a Delay

When you use a professional moving company to handle your long-distance, there is a tiny chance that you can arrive at your new home a few days before your possessions. There are a few reasons that could cause this, unexpected road delays like construction or traffic jams. Or the drivers may have been struck with severe weather and need to wait for the storm to die out; either way, you need to be able to handle the situation. 

Start with purchasing a good air mattress when you move; this will help keep you from having to spend money on a hotel room waiting for the moving truck. When packing your car, make sure you keep a few kitchen necessities on hand, just in case. Pots, pans, and other utensils will help with not wasting money on restaurants for every meal. Lastly, you should keep some clothing on hand. Pack enough that will last you for at least three days for a change of clothes.

Budgeting for High Gas Prices

Right now, gas prices are through the roof, and a long-distance trip can damage your wallet when traveling, especially if you decide to drive the moving truck yourself. Start with budgeting for gas a few months in advance. This will help keep you from draining your accounts when moving to your new home.  

How to Prepare for Potential Damage

This starts with how you packed your fragile belongings. Things like your glassware and kitchen dishes should be appropriately packed with specific boxes that offer max protection. Also, take advantage of materials like paper buffers and bubble wrap. 

Another option you can take is to hire a professional moving service, like Foster Van Lines, that offers full-service packing options. Packers and movers are specifically trained for this exact scenario. If you do go the professional mover's route, purchase the reimbursement option that will pay for any potential damages that could occur.

Preparing for an Emergency

When you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, you need to be fully prepared to handle the situation. Always, not just for your move, travel with an emergency kit that will help keep you safe while waiting for assistance when stranded. Look into roadside assistance memberships, like AAA or OnStar, that can offer their services to you in case you find yourself broken down. You should also download your GPS routes the night before in case you lose your signal; this way, you can still drive safely and know where you are going. Bring a portable phone charger with you as well to increase the longevity of your phone battery.

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