Any way you slice it—moving is a lot of work. Make things a little easier and keep your stuff safe by choosing the right box for each purpose. That’s right, there are multiple types of packing boxes each designed for a different purpose. Here, we’ll take a look at the different options to make the most of your long-distance move.

Standard Boxes 

The standard assortment of moving boxes typically comes in a small, medium, or large size. The large boxes are meant for your bulkier lightweight items that are impossible to fit in other smaller boxes. Things like pillows, blankets, and comforters should be packed in these boxes. Medium boxes are much more versatile, working for almost anything. And small boxes are great for packing heavy items, especially books and breakables.

Specialty Boxes

The most common specialty boxes include dish packing boxes and wardrobe boxes. This is where you would pack your glassware and other dishes. These boxes have dividers that keep them safe and will prevent them from breaking. If the is formal wear that you wish to pack and keep safe from damage and wrinkles these are the boxes for that. Long enough to fit the clothes and offer a rod in the box so they can hang safely. Another specialty box that you'll often find is for large mirrors and wall art.

Electronics Boxes

If you are moving with electronics like video game consoles, personal computers, and monitors, or stereos these are the boxes to choose. They are designed with thicker walls that offer extra protection for your electronics. There are also TV boxes that are important for keeping your televisions safe. They are designed to safely hold your big flat-screen televisions. They even come with carrying handles for extra security when moving.

Mattress Bags and Boxes

Plastic Mattress bags offer a defense against getting your mattresses and box springs dirty. For a small extra price, you can get a mattress box that offers extra protection and like the tv boxes have handles for better moving.

File Boxes

It’s not recommended that you keep your paperwork in your filing cabinet and desk. Not only does this add extra weight when trying to move them, but you also run the risk of a drawer opening and spilling your documents everywhere. These boxes are designed to keep your paperwork safe and organized.

Custom Crating

There are some things that just will not fit in a box and needs something a little heftier. These call for custom wooden crates. You will need to schedule this with a moving company so they can help. These are commonly used for vehicles and larger furniture. 

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